Jax Menez Atwell

The Explorer

Jax Menez Atwell is a father, investigator and actor with the passion for the unknown. His most recent show was The History Channel's "Missing In Alaska" , but now his newest adventure leads him to explore abandonded places around the world.

What drives Jax is an inherent passion for the unknown, the unsolved, the
bullied, and the lost.  Meld that with a hero complex, an absolute love for nature and
being mesmerized by history.

Jax wants to take people with him, one adventure at a time.
What does Jax love about abandoned places?
- The Stories They Hold
- Preserving History
- The Trek to Them
- Discovering New Sites
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Jax's mother is responsible for sparking his love of everything historical. 
Her passion for old stories and her deep adoration for Native American history
inspired Jax to ask questions about the past. Jax's experience in law enforcement gave him the inherent ability to read and investigate people.  His inquisitive mind
set him on paths of exploration and adventure.
With three kids, Jax never slows down even when he's not working. 
Outtings with his kids are an adventure of their own. Sometimes his kids even are suprised by his drive, just recently mentioning, "Dad, I forget how much energy you have".  

So how does that land us at abandoned places, forgotten stories, and cold
cases?  As he got older, he kept asking questions, putting him on a career path into investigative work. The tools that come with that type of job is what ultimately lead Jax to the show.

  "Some people want to bring closure to their stories.  Whether it's a
building or a unsolved case, I'm ready to listen.  I want to visit
haunts, bring dark stories to light, and set out on a great
adventure before its lost to time." - Jax
Join me on my next journey...

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