Journey With Jax

The Show
Journey With Jax is a new show featuring Jax Menez Atwell as he travels around the globe rediscovering abandond places and learning about forgotten stories. Have you ever passed an abandoned house or building and wondered what stories it could tell if those walls could talk?

Jax has a passion for all things forgotten and misplaced. This show shows us that beauty can be found in destruction and that there are stories yet to be told.

Join Jax as he continues on his journey through history.
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Jax Menez Atwell

The Host
Jax has twelve years of investigative experience in law enforcement
agencies in Arizona and California. His investigative law enforcement
experience and training include under-cover operations, narcotics, SWAT,
person and property crimes, etc. Jax has been a private investigator
since 2008 specializing in the hard to solve cases such as cold cases,
civilian, business and government investigations. Jax was additionally
part of an investigative team that explored missing people in

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